Canine Comparative Oncology & Genomics Consortium

Biospecimen Repository

CCOGC collaborators determined that an essential resource needed in the field was the development of well-described repository of tissues (tumor and normal) from tumor bearing dogs. To be optimally useful this biospecimen repository would be:

  • Focused on specific cancers of interest to the field
  • Centrally housed with multiple contributors
  • Populated with prospectively collected tissues and fluids
  • Annotated with robust parallel clinical data-base
  • Managed through a web-enabled entry and retrieval port
  • Publicly accessible based on scientific merit or requesting individuals

Based on this the repository has begun with a goal of collecting tissues and fluids from 3,000 dogs with specific cancer types over a three-year period. The specific cancers selected represent those that are not only major problems in the dog population, but which are also have comparative value in human cancer investigation. Universal and cancer specific standard operative procedures have been defined for the collections. The bank is housed centrally within a contract biospecimen repository in Frederick Maryland with contributors including qualified schools of veterinary medicine in the United States. A caBIG compliant web-based relational data-base has been implemented to track sample shipment, to describe sample characteristics and clinical annotation of patients, and to allow review of bank assets.

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